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DEFA Stiftung

Of the data stock made available for MIDAS by the ‘DEFA Stiftung’, the documentaries and short-documentaries produced in behalf of the GDR foreign office are a highlight. More than 500 such films have been shot from 1959 to 1989 by DEFA, they are part of the ‘DEFA Stiftung’ inventory since March 2006. Everyday life in the GDR is often the focus of the films: Portraits of individuals and landscapes, reports of cultural or sport events, or political coverage. In part these films were made for diplomatic or cultural embassies, mediating a positive picture of the GDR.

A second focal point are the works of well-known documentary filmmakers. Among others the collection contains films by Jürgen Böttcher (who also became a recognized painter), numerous works by Karl Gass („Das Jahr 1945“), six films by the famous duo Walter Heynowski/Gerhard Scheumann, several films of Winfried and Barbara Junge’s “Golzow” longterm project, some parts of “Wittstock” cycle, important films by Kurt Maetzig, reportages by Andrew and Annelie Thorndoke, two movies by Konrad Weiß (who later became a civil rights activist), numerous documentaries by Joachim Tschirner (“Der Aralsee”), as well as several works by Gitta Nickel.