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Národní Filmový Archiv (NFA)

During the first year of the MIDAS project NFA will make available Czech films made between 1898 and 1945.

Mainly these will be documentary films, but also scientific, industrial, travelogue, and sports films; advertisements and newsreels.

Subsequent we intend to make available Czech animation films made before 1945 and some of Czech feature films made between 1899 and 1945.

The abovementioned films depict life in Bohemia and Moravia before 1918, the constitution of the Czechoslovak Republic on October 28th 1918, its development and its destruction under Nazi occupation, and include films made during the occupation (15.03.1939 – 09.05.1945).

There is also a noteworthy collection of documentary films about Prague and other Czechoslovak towns as well as films about the first President of the Czechoslovak Republic Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.

An extensive collection of films dealing with some industry sectors (electrification, gasworks, food industry, construction of Baťa’s concern), films about sports, activities of gymnastics organisations (SOKOL, Dělnická tělovýchovná jednota etc.), and army activities will be made available too.

Experimental and avant-garde films make a special part of the collections.

We will also make available films made by Czech travellers in different countries of the world.