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Tainiothiki tis Ellados

The Greek Film Archive’s contribution consists mainly of two film collections. Both collections contain the metadata of non-fictional material that has been selected for digitization by our archive.

The first collection contains Greek documentary films produced from the early 1920’s up to 1986. This collection presents works from pioneers of early Greek cinema such as the brothers Gaziades, portraits of eminent 20th century Greek artists, painters, sculptors, documentaries about Greece’s many cultural monuments such as the Acropolis and other famous antiquities, industrial documentaries such as Roussos Koundouros’ film about the aluminum factories in Greece - a very fresh and original presentation of the subject. These selected film works are even more important because they depict the Greek landscape, rural or urban, throughout the better part of the 20th century.

The second collection is a vast variety of Greek newsreels assorted from 7 different archival collections. These collections consist of films produced either by independent Greek cinematographers such as Papadoukas, Dorizas, Loggos, and others, or by large companies such as the Greek Company of Water Supply commissioning their own industrial documentaries. The selected material from these collections is divided, in terms of documentation, into two separate sections, one referring to historical events and leading personalities and the other to an extensive look to the aspects of life and society in Greece. The earliest of these works was produced in 1911, while the latest one in 1974. The collection of these particular titles contributed to filmarchives online, is divided into 100 filmworks. Each one of these is a small collection of several relevant archival materials, put together according to the standards by which the entire collection was selected, formed and documented.