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Notes on XMP/RDF Processing

The MIDAS XMP element set uses some constructs from the RDF vocabulary that are not (yet)
supported by most XMP-aware image processing programs (e.g. the Adobe Creative Suite including
version 3, the F-Spot image viewer, etc.). These RDF constructs are, however, permitted
by the XMP specification. They are also supported by Adobes's reference implementation known
as the XMP toolkit (which is used in the MIDAS image metadata editor).

It was found that the MIDAS project would require the following XMP features:

  • multilingual literals: using the xml:lang attribute.
  • statement containers: expressing alternative or multiple values for a metadata element.

The latter are expressed using RDF containers, namely, rdf:alt (for Caption) and rdf:bag.(for
Person and Place).

XMP metadata blocks from the MIDAS project can be transformed into triples with any RDF parser.