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Using the stand-alone metadata tool

A Windows-based tool for attaching MIDAS metadata to image files.

The MIDAS Metadata Editor is a stand-alone application for creating and editing the MIDAS element set of XMP image metadata. An installation package for the latest version can be downloaded here. Earlier versions and change notes can be found here.

The documentation for both the current version of the Midas XMP editor and the metadata element set defined for MIDAS can be found here.

Installation instructions

  • Unpack the downloaded ZIP archive in any convenient location on your local disk.
  • Open the newly created folder, MidasXMPEdit, and look for a file named Setup.exe.
  • Run Setup.exe
  • If the computer is running Microsoft Vista, you will see a warning note saying that the origin of the program cannot be verified. Ignore this notice.
  • If you have an older version of Windows XP, you will be told that a .NET Runtive Version 2.0 will have to be installed first. Follow the instructions for downloading and installing this package.
  • If your login name on the computer does not have administrator privileges, you may see a note that asks you to log in as an administrator. In this case, log off, use a privileged account on the next login, and run Setup.exe again.
  • Once the setup procedure is complete, restart the computer. This may not be necessary for all installations but is recommended to make sure that all coponents are properly recognized by the system.
  • The program can be invoked from the start menu under Programs->MIDAS.

  • Image files can be opened either via the "File->Open" menu commands, or by dragging them from the Windows Explorer to the program window.
  • The various tabs like "List", "Dump" and "RDF" are only for users interested in the processing of metadata. For adding and editing the data elements for the film catalogue, you do not need anything else but the MIDAS tab.
  • The "File->Save" command will add or update the XMP metadata section in the current image file. Note that this program does not create backups of your image files, it just adds or changes a metadata section in the file.
  • "File->Save XMP" will write the current XMP metadata into a text file in a simple (non-XML) format. This is not needed for normal operation.
  • Buttons marked with a yellow arrow insert the most recently used element value into the
    adjacent text field. This can be useful for processing series of images sharing a common
    origin, e.g. the same film work.