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The Cologne-based website is the only platform world-wide that enables a complete digital submission process for buyers and sellers, film festivals and film archives.

Rightsholders from all over the world submit and upload their films onto The films are stored on a server and from there fed into the online film catalogue on

Thus reelport’s partner film festivals receive their submissions: they simply open a call on; filmmakers and producers then submit their films to these festivals. So far, reelport has 30 partner film festivals, e.g., the International Short Film Festival of Oberhausen (Germany), the Tampere Film Festival (Finland) or the Vila do Conde Short Film Festival (Portugal), as well as non-European festivals such as the Karachi International Film Festival in Pakistan or the International Film Festival Mumbai - one of the most important film festivals in India.
In addition to the submission to festivals, reelport also offers a new b2b-service: since the beginning of September, rightsholders may also submit their films for commercial exploitation. The British satellite TV channel propeller TV, the Swedish and German VoD-providers and Shortstream, the Berlin Web-TV channel flimmer TV, as well as the Spanish and British multimedia platforms shortz! and Future Shorts are calling for submissions. Further calls for submission will follow soon.
Every day, several thousands of users from the international film industry – filmmakers, producers, distributors, Web-TV channels, etc. – use the online film catalogue with more than 10.000 entries to present their films, acquire licenses and host and deliver film files.
Reelport thus offers new possibilities for filmmakers and producers to distribute their films independently. In addition, festivals and buyers from all over the world have access to a great number of high quality films from professional filmmakers.

Reelport is supported by the MEDIA programme of the European Union.