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[Emelka-Woche 1927 / 48/49]   [Original Title]

Year of origin: 1927
Genre: Newsreel
Locations of shooting: n/a

Production company: Emelka Film Zürich

Keywords: Ausbildung, Brand, Feuer, Hochwasser, Polizei, Schablonenkolorierung
1. Woman with fur on the lake [stencilcolored Pathé; Length: 5m]

2. A royal Woodsman - Gustav V. from schweden has a passion for hunting. He forgets a little bit his royal behavior [in case of blooms it must be cut of] (Gustav with gun; a horse; he shoots; close-up from Gustav)

3. Also in the land of freedom some people take here military education although they don't want to do this [half of this point must be ct of] (Rodeo, man is riding a horse; a police troop; riding in formation)

4. A Big Fire - A marvelous fire destroy in New Rochelle (U.S.A.) four big gasolin tanks [Length: 14m; maybe tinting and toning in dual procession] (fire)

5. The first snow! - This is abig fun for the young boys [Länge: 17m] (Young boys shoot with snow balls on the window of a cafe; girls look out of this and laugh; pictures of the mountains; there are people who drive with cars in the moutains)

6. A wetty year - there is a flood again; Connecticut, north america [Length: 28m] (damages in case of the floof; waterpower)

7. Small legs - the youngest stars of a New Yorker Revue [Length: 13m] (children are dancing)

8. Shoot in the air - American military ships are prepared with a ramp for airplane for reconnaissance [Length: 21m] (military ships with recruts; american flag; airplane landing in the water; the airplane scene in reverse action)

9. A big explosion in Pittsburg - The biggest gasometer in the world are exploded. A hole suburb was destroyed [Length: 16m] (damage of the material; human beeing and the technic)

10. What they show him - General Heye are doing a journey for education around the american troops. he is back now [Length: 19m] (General after landing; director of photography; pictures from the airplane; tanks)

11. Problems with infrastructure everywhere - From the building process of the car-tunnel between New York und New Jersey [Length: 23m] (Skyline; about the building process; employers; human beeing and the technic; driving cars in the tunnel)

12. Like the old times - in the small village Darlekarlien, schweden, the people celebrate wedding with the tradition that the hole neighbourhood is part of the celebration [Length: 16m] (carriage; Woman getting hair dressing)

13. A terrible weapon - In Portsmouth (N.H.) there is the biggest u-boat going to sea [Length: 24m] (ship; ship driving in the sea)

14. chessplay as school education - In Ströbeck, Harz, is the chessplay a daily pleasure; everyone play chess [Length: 22m] (boys and girls by chessplay; pub for chessplay; oldman by chessplay etc.)

15. A mass baptism of black americans; part of the sect wiedertäufer [Length: 18m] (afroamericans in white cloths; in baptism)

16. Once upon a time - imagination of fairy-tale in Berliner Haller-Revue [Length: 18m] (pictures from the play)

17. A sea journey begins not everytime in a good mood [Length: 15m (man riding by elephant, elephant is packing in the ship)

18. Young hunter - the children of en english internat on paperchase [Length: 24m] (children with horses; some children fall from their horse; Parkour through the forest)

19. What a apeheart makes happy - from zoo in berlin [Length: 19m] (man with two apes; ape drive with bycle and ring the bell)

20. Emelka Trailer

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Language: n/a
Sound: n/a
Aspect: 1:1,33
Duration: 18 min

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