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The Property Man   [Original Title]

Hits of the Past   [Other Title]
Nazione: United States
Anno di produzione: 1914
Genere: Short Film
Location: n/a

Director: Charles Chaplin
Actor: Charles Chaplin
  Phyllis Allen
  Charles Bennet

Parole chiave: Komödie, Schauspielerei
In this short version of the originally 28 minutes long short film, charlie is an actor, struggling with all the things that come with fame. In the end he freaks out and treats his colleagues with the water hose.

"Charlie has trouble with actors' luggage and conflicts over who gets the star's dressing room. There are further difficulties with frequent scene changes, wrong entries and a fireman's hose. At one point he juggles an athlete's supposed weights. The humor is still rough: he kicks an older assistant in the face and allows him to be run over by a truck." (Quelle: imdb.com)

Version 1
Lingua: n/a
Suono: n/a
Mascherino: 1:1,33
Durata: 10 min

Lunghezza 82.70 m Request Copy Button
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