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Serie Neurophysiologie der Wahrnehmung ; 1   [Series Title]

Transmission of Nerve Impulses   [Other Title]
Übertragung von Nervenimpulsen   [Other Title]
Neurophysiology of Perception Series ; 1   [Series Title]
Year of origin: n/a
Genere: Documentary Film
Location: n/a

Distributor: IWF (Göttingen)
Author: Colin Blakemore

Parole chiave: Gehirn, Nervenleitung, Nervenzelle, Physiologie
Structure and function of the nerve cell, registration technique for nerve impulses, reinforcing and inhibiting impulses.

Version 1
Lingua: eng
Suono: Sound film
Mascherino: n/a
Durata: 3 1/2 min

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