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Klau-sur   [Original Title]

Land: Switzerland
Produksjonsår: 1989
Sjanger: Feature Film
Innspillingssted: n/a

Director: Alexandra Majaar
  Jürg Curchellas
  Christos Zorn
Production company: sfgb
Actor: Filippo Lubiato
  Marian Amstutz

nøkkelord: Klausur
Simple pursuit game in a schoolhouse. A man enters cautiously, constantly looking around a classroom and begins to take notes from documents lying around. A woman pursues him through the stairwell, as soon as he left the classroom, she enters and takes photographes from the same documents.

Version 1
Språk: n/a
Lyd: n/a
Visningsformat: 1:1,33
Varighet: 5 min

Lengde 50 m Request Copy Button
Bestill eksemplar
Kopitype Positive
Filmbase n/a