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Mitteleuropa, Tirol - Wiederaufbau des Bauernhofes Wechner-Burgas aus Gramais/Lechtal   [Other Title]

Central Europe, Tyrol - Reconstruction of the Farmhouse Wechner-Burgas from Gramais/Lechtal   [Title Translation]
Year of origin: 1984
Genre: Documentary Film
Locations of shooting: n/a

Production company: ÖWF (Wien)
First released by: ÖWF (Wien)
Distributor: IWF (Göttingen)
Author: Helmut Mantl

Keywords: Bauernhof, Bauwesen, Haus, Hausbau, Maurer, Museen, Museum Tiroler Bauernhöfe, Museumstechnik, Zimmermann, Building trade
The documentary film shows the partial reerection of the farm "Wechner-Burgas" from Gramais/Lechtal in the open-air museum "Museum Tiroler Bauernhöfe" in Kramsach. Main emphasis lies on the description of construction methods and handicraft techniques from carpenters and bricklayers of pre-industrial time.

Version 1
Language: deu
Sound: Sound film
Aspect: n/a
Duration: 43 min

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