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MFI 40   [Original title]

Šalis: Hungary
Metai: 1924
Žanras: Newsreel
Filmavimo vieta: n/a

Production Company: Magyar Filmiroda Rt.

HUNGARIAN NEWS 40. Released by the Hungarian Film Bureau Ltd. 52 Szerecsen Str. 6th District, Budapest.
Foundation stone ceremony of the Roman Catholic church in Tisztiviselo-telep initiated to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the reign of Franz Joseph I, our apostolic king.
{Ceremonial procession, guards, scouts with flag
Pontificates, group of priests}
The Governor, archdukes, cardinal and notabilities arrive to the church.
{Arriving notabilities (Horthy cannot be seen) gather around the foundation stone}
The church's foundation stone.
{The foundation stone (close-up) hangs on a snatch-block
Making the sign of cross with a small hammer one after the other}
The cardinal consecrates the churchyard.
{Cardinal János Csernoch proceeds around the square (Rezso square) followed by pontificates and the celebrating crowd. He consecrates the territory of the future church with incense}
Bishop Vilmos Fraknói's funeral. From the building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. 1843 - 1924.
{Count Albert Apponyi arrives to the funeral
Black hangings decorate the entrance of the Academy of Sciences
The coffin is carried out of the building and placed in the hearse
The hearse starts and cars loaded with wreaths follow.}
The 30-year class reunion of the Ludovica Academy's 1894 graduates and their teachers.
Thirty years ago.
{Young Ludovica students play in the garden, wrestle
A group of senior army officers
Béla Kary (close-up)}
{Wreathing a monument}
Béla Kary, the best honours graduate, now Hungarian Royal Lieutenant-General gives a speech to his comrades.
{Béla Kary holding a speech (close-up)}
{Guards of honour march in front of the audience}
MTK - VAC football match. Result 1:0.
{Tableau of players
Game in front of the goal}
The End

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Kalba: n/a
Garsas: Silent film
Aspektas: n/a
Trukmė: n/a

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Informaciją apie Autorių Teises Hungarian National Film Archive, Budapest
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