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Et kivid ei nutaks!   [Original Title]

Damit die Steine nicht weinen!   [Other Title]
Země: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Rok: 1975
Žánr: Amateur
Exteriéry: n/a

Director: Juri Varus
  Helgi Klaos

Klíčová slova: Geburt, Tanzen, Zweiter Weltkrieg
The film begins with scenes of dancing: women dance in a studio, then young girls and finally very young children. Then the film concentrates on maternal love: we see several mothers who are taking care of their baby. Then we see the graves of soldiers of the second World War, and the meaning of these images is not clear at once. The word "No" is then written in several languages on images of the war, so that we understand that the film denounces the war, and that the harmonial images of the beginning were thought as counterpoint.

Version 1
Jazyková verze: n/a
Zvuk: Sound film
Aspect: 1:1,33
Minutáž: 8 min

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Druh nosiče: Positive
Druh materiálu: Acetate