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Die Angst und die Macht - Die Tribüne Teil I   [Original Title]

The platform - the fear and the power part I   [Assigned Title]
Machtstrukturen, Feuer und Farbe - Das dritte Reich und seine Maler   [Alternative Title]
Year of origin: 1992
Genre: Documentary Film
Locations of shooting: n/a

Director: Eduard Schreiber
Production Company: DEFA

Power is built upon fear. The misuse of fear - in order to have power over people - is perverse and inhumane. Democracy onlylives where people live without fear.
In the social cultural and political domain, three film analysis' represent the emergence and development of power and life structures in the national socialistic state and in the real socialistic German Democratic Republic.
The enticement and entanglement of the citizens in both systems is equally researched, as is the apparent or actual acceptance of the existing power ratio throughout nearly all layers of society. The basic question: "What renders possible the misuse of power under which three generations have suffered in Germany?" is investigated in very different ways and with regard to very different areas of life.

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Language: n/a
Sound: n/a
Aspect: n/a
Duration: 33 min

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