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Der leere Briefkasten   [Original Title]

Nazione: Switzerland
Anno di produzione: 2006
Genere: Feature Film
Location: n/a

Actor: Max Rüdlinger
  Christoph Gaugler
  Patrick Gusset
  Pascal Ulli
  udolf Ruch
  Doramaria Frey Rösler
  Laila Nielsen
  Urs-Peter Wolters
  Regula Imboden
Production company: Fatfilms
Screenplay: Juri Steinhart
Director: Juri Steinhart
Editing: Marina Wernli
Director of photography: Christian Schläpfer
Music: Marcel Vaid

Parole chiave: Identität, sans papier
Alex Wacker is a Swiss who loses his documents due to unfortunate circumstances and personal incapacity. As a result, he is confronted with the inexorable consequences of bureaucracy and ends as a 'sans papiers'.

Version 1
Lingua: n/a
Suono: Dolby-SR (Lichtton)
Mascherino: 1:1,66
Durata: 16 min

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