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Safebreakers - KA   [Assigned Title]

KASAŘI   [Assigned Title]
Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Year of origin: 1958
Genre: Feature Film
Locations of shooting: Praha: Dejvice, pošta, Praha: Holešovice, Veletržní palác, Praha: Holešovice, Veletržní ulice, Praha: Nové Město, Lazarská ulice, Praha: Nové Město, Jungmannovo náměstí, kostel Panny Marie Sněžné, Praha: Nové Město, ulice Na Příkopě, Praha: Nové Město, ulice 28.října, obchodní dům Perla, Praha: Nové Město, Václavské náměstí, Praha: Nové Město, Václavské náměstí, pasáž Alfa, Praha: Nové Město, Vodičkova ulice, Lucerna, pasáž, Praha: ulice (noční), Ústí nad Orlicí: ulice Nový svět, Ústí nad Orlicí

Director: Pavel Blumenfeld
Screenplay: Miloš V. Kratochvíl
  Zdeněk Podskalský
Production company: Filmové studio Barrandov
Music: Jiří Šust
Director of photography: Josef Střecha
  Jiří Šafář

In the Sitex factory someone shut the door to the safe by mistake, leaving not only the keys inside but also important documents which are to be discussed the next day at the Ministry. The locksmiths could use oxyacetylene burner to open the safe but all the papers would be destroyed. The company director asks police Lieutenant Rybák for help; he knows of only one possibility. Rybák seeks help from a former safe-cracker, now a decent reformed citizen. He is willing to take him at night to the factory in secret. The widower Procházka was a safe-cracker before the War, he spent the War in a concentration camp, after the War he changed his name to Fiala and is now earning an honest living. His son has no idea about his former life and he is about to get married. At Rybák's insistence Fiala finally agrees to the job and opens the safe. Two weeks later, however, the safe is robbed during the night. Fiala is seemingly top of the list of suspects. Rybák, however, trusts him. Fiala sets off for Prague to seek out his former gang in order to find the culprit. All of them, with the exception of Kosík, are living an honest life now. Kosík, however, committed another robbery and was arrested. A subsequent investigation proves Fiala's innocence. The accountant Háša had seized his opportunity

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Language: n/a
Sound: Sound film
Aspect: 1:1,37
Duration: n/a

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