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Kalakutai   [Original Title]

The Turkeys   [Title Translation]
Country of Origin: Lithuania
Year of origin: 1959
Genre: feature film
Locations of shooting: Lithuania

Production company: Lithuanian Film Studio

Actor: Napoleonas Bernotas
  Napoleonas Nakas
  Vanda Lietuvaitytė
  Petras Žindulis
  Albina Tumkevičienė
  Alfonsas Dobkevičius
  Valys Derkintis
  Janina Dulskytė
  Ona Šauleckaitė
  Veronika Fakėjėvaitė
Director: Vytautas Mikalauskas
  Napoleonas Bernotas
Director (other): Mečislovas Bulaka
Screenplay: Augustinas Gricius
Director of photography: Jonas Gricius
  E. Narūnas
  A. Šimkus
Costume design: Nijolė Klišiūtė
Sound: Stasys Vilkevičius
Music: Antanas Belazaras
Producer: A. Koncevičius

Keywords: fiction movie, comedy, farce, meninis filmas, komedija, farsas
The feature film – satire which mocks at relationships between local dwellers in provincial town in an old Lithuania. The main heroes of the film are the rich farmer Pusdešris, parson Šešplaukis and free journeyman, „leveller“ - Stumbras. The parson Šešplaukis had a stomach ache and the doctor prescribed him a diet meets – turkey. The parsons’ servant went to farmer Pusdešris for buying turkeys. Journeyman Stumbras have heard about the reason for which the turkeys are needed and have decided to make fun of it. He spread over the rumour that the turkeys are needed for England Queen. The farmer took in the rumour hoping in a big benefit from England Queen and did not sell the turkeys to parson. Discord surfaced between two well known dwellers of the town. It made enough harm – the farmer and the parson became an enemies and a sexton who tried to bring them together hardly left alive. At the end of the film the main hero and culprit of the confusion the journeyman Stumbras with his beloved girlfriend Rožytė went away from the province town to pursuit of happiness and to mock at other rich and greedy men. Cast - Petras Stumbras - Napoleonas Bernotas, Pusdešris - Napoleonas Nakas, Pusdešrienė - Vanda Lietuvaitytė, parson Šešplaukis - Petras Žindulis, Izabelė - Albina Tumkevičienė, Vikšras - Alfonsas Dobkevičius, sexton Bandza - Valys Derkintis, Kigas - A.Kavaliauskas, Rožytė - V.Šarūnaitė, Barbė - Janina Dulskytė, Teklė - Ona Šauleckaitė, Petronėlė - Veronika Fakėjėvaitė, The Lithuanian SSR Academic Opera and Balet Theatre Orkestra, conducted by V.Viržonis

Version 1
Language: lit
Sound: Sound film
Aspect: 1:1,37
Duration: 01:08:17

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