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Amistad   [Original Title]

Amistad - Das Sklavenschiff   [Other Title]
Nazione: United States
Anno di produzione: 1997
Genere: Trailer
Location: n/a

Director: Steven Spielberg
Actor: Anthony Hopkins
  Morgan Freeman
  Matthew McConaughey
  Djimon Hounsou

Parole chiave: Geschichte, Kampf um Freiheit, Prozess, Sklaverei
The trailer begins with a black slaves riot aboard the spanish ship "La Amistad". One of the american officers who have caught the fugitives is killed. While the Spanishes want back their "cargo" and the Americans want to sentence the slave who murdered the officer (Djimon Hounsou), a lawyer (Anthony Hopkins) requires their liberty. A fight for freedom begins before the court.

Version 1
Lingua: n/a
Suono: 2-Doppelzacken (Lichtton)
Mascherino: 1:1,33
Durata: 3 min

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