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Messenger of Peace   [Assigned Title]

POSEL MÍRU   [Assigned Title]
Land: Czech Republic
Produktionsjahr: 1934
Genre: Feature Film
Drehort: n/a

Director: Martin Frič
Screenplay: Martin Frič
Production company: FAB Zlín

A young couple is getting ready to go out to a ball. At the last minute the wife realises that none of her shoes match her new outfit. The couple begin to argue. Suddenly two trial pairs of evening shoes arrive from Baťa, thus the situation is saved.

Version 1
Sprache: n/a
Ton: Sound film
Bildformat: 1:1,19
Dauer: n/a

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Kopietyp: n/a
Filmmaterial: Acetate
Copyright Information Národní filmový archiv
Lizenzinformation: Film kann lizensiert werden