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The Winter Guest   [Original Title]

Rok: 1997
Žánr: Trailer
Exteriéry: n/a

Director: Alan Rickman
  Alan Rickman
Production company: Capitol Films
Actor: Phyllida Law
  Emma Thompson
  Phyllida Law

The film centers on four pairs - Frances is a recent widow who wants to get away from Scotland to Australia with her teenage son Alex to escape her memories, arrival of her old mother Elspeth makes her reconsider her decision. Alex approaches his first sexual experience with neighbour girl Nita. Chloe and Lily are two old women who like to attend strangers' funerals and Tom with Sam are two schoolboys who skip school to play on the beach and talk.

Version 1
Jazyková verze: n/a
Zvuk: Dolby-SR (Lichtton)
Aspect: 1:1,85
Minutáž: 2 min

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Druh nosiče: Positive
Druh materiálu: Polyester