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Moka   [Original Title]

Moka   [Assigned Title]
Country of Origin: Italy
Year of origin: 2006
Genre: Animated Film
Locations of shooting: n/a

Director: Mariano Fiocco
Optical effects: Susanna Fiocco
Production company: TroppArt
Producer: Francesco Minervini

Keywords: Humour
This short story is on an Italian coffee-machine challenging a volcano, and paying for it.
The location is a kitchen during the early '60s in southern Italy: things refer to the Vesuvius eruption in 79 A.C., as the newspaper article or the numbers on the wall-clock. The protagonist turns to watch something out of the scene and starts the procedure to make coffee. It moves with boldness and emphasis turning to observe that 'something' out of spectator's sight. At the topic moment, the camera rotates so we can see, far away outside the window, a volcano (Vesuvius) starting to erupt, and the eruption fills up the scene with a glow. The backwards tracking-shot of the camera reveals the scene itself. The coffee-machine is a ruin, similar to those plaster-cast bodies found in Pompeii during excavations. It is in a museum hall of hypothetical future; out of the window Vesuvius still dominates, covered with the snow of a modified climate.

Version 1
Language: n/a
Sound: Sound film
Aspect: 1:1,33
Duration: 00:04:40

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