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From the River Váh to the High Tatras Region   [Assigned Title]

Od Váhu k Vysokým Tatrám   [Assigned Title]
Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Year of origin: 1927c
Genre: Documentary Film
Locations of shooting: Jablunkovský průsmyk, řeka Váh, Strečno:hrad
Keywords: automobil jízda, chalupy roubené, Cikáni, hory, hotely horské, kosa, košíkář, krávy, kroje lidové, ovce, pastva, potok horský, řeka, vor, zřícenina hradu, basket-maker, castle ruins, cows, folk costumes, gipsies, going by car, logged cottages, mountain brook, mountain hotels, pasture, raft, river, scythe, Sheep, sheep pasturing on the mountain slopes, The natural beauties of the High Tatras Region, Villagers wearing folk costumes, Villages with typical logged cottages
The countryside in the vicinity of Jablunkovský průsmyk (The Jablůnkovský Mountain Pass) . A basket-maker from Jablunkov is walking to Martin with his products. We can see a raft floating on the River Váh bellow the Strečno Castle. A car is going to the Low Tatras Region. A villager is sharpening his scythe and he starts scything the meadow. We can see sheep pasturing on the mountain slopes. In villages we can see typical logged cottages. At ceremony occasions the villagers are wearing decorated folk costumes. There are several gypsy's houses in each of the villages. We can see the beautiful countryside of the High Tatras Region..

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