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Deutsches Land in Afrika   [Original Title]

Land: Germany
Produktionsjahr: 1939
Genre: Reportage film
Drehort: n/a

Director: Johannes H├Ąussler
  Karl Mohri
  Walter Scheunemann
Camera operator: Karl Mohri

Schlagw├Ârter: Afrika, Erziehung/Bildung (Au├čerschulische Erziehung und Bildung; Berufsbildung; usw. - s. Synonyme), Sitten und Gebr├Ąuche (Folklore), Umwelt (Natur und Umwelt, ├ľkologie)
The film shows with comments and graphical material the german colonial policy from 1884 until the Treaty of Versailles. Former colonies and their people are shown, German Southwest- and German Eastafrika. History of this countries under german leadership. To this appropriat pictures of plantations, harbours, cities, the german claim for the colonies, the gold extraction, tea plantations.
Car journeys to Cairo and Cape Town, landscape and animals, pictures from an expedition, Zambezi waterfalls, rainy season, bushmen in their colonies, pictures of a tribe at a ceremonie. crossing of the Okawango river.
Negroes are shown at work, pictures of their every day life, extraction of ore and diamonds, white farmers at work, germans in leading positions.
German pupils in the colonies shown at school with a Swastika-festooned flag, target practices and walking-tour with the flag of the German Reich. Birthday celebration for Hitler, nazi-songs.

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