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Podiceps cristatus (Podicipedidae) - Courtship Behaviour (Open Air Shots)   [Other Title]

Podiceps cristatus (Podicipedidae) - Balzverhalten (Freilandaufnahmen)   [Other Title]
Anno di produzione: 1970-1971
Genere: Documentary Film
Location: n/a

Production company: Paul P. A. M. Kop (Amsterdam)
First released by: IWF (Göttingen)
Distributor: IWF (Göttingen)
Author: Paul P. A. M. Kop

Parole chiave: Balz, Haubentaucher, Kampfverhalten, Podiceps cristatus, Podicipediformes, Podicipediformes, agonistic behaviour, courtship, fighting behaviour, great crested grebe, Podicipediformes, Podicipediformes, Podicipediformes
The film shows the courtship ceremonies (discovery ceremony, weed-trick ceremony, head-shaking ceremony - three types) and agonistic behaviour in a true fight including appeasement-head-shaking. The film has been made at lake "Binnenbraak" nearby Monnickendam, the Netherlands, in 1970 and 1971. The lake is an in-dike pond (200 x 300 m) close to the "Ijsselmeer", where a crowded population of 15 - 20 pairs breed every year. The birds fly across the dike and hunt for fish in the Ijselmeer.

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Lingua: NULL
Suono: n/a
Mascherino: n/a
Durata: 7 1/2 min

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Diritti IWF Institut Wissen und Medien gGmbH