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Army Life - Cheerful Life   [Assigned Title]

Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Year of origin: 1934
Genre: Feature Film
Locations of shooting: Benátecká Vrutice, Praha: Ruzyně

Director: Jan Sviták
Screenplay: Ladislav Brom
  Saša Razov
Production company: Reiter
Music: Josef Dobeš
Director of photography: Jan Stallich

Keywords: army canteens, billiards, Boxing, boxing soldiers, Boys, boys' battles, cannons, chess game, chestnut tree in blossom, dog-drawn carts, Farms, Field kitchens, guitar playing, guitars, harmonica playing, harmonicas, horse-and-bull-drawn wagons, Horses, hound dogs, jail cells, lined-up soldiers, military bedrooms, restaurants, singing soldiers, soldier spilled over with water, soldiers on horses, trumpeting, uniforms, villages, wooden sabres
The soldiers of a cavalry regiment spend their free time as they please, not leaving out various practical jokes and above all singing songs. Also participating in all of this is Corporal Václav Toman. The soldiers stop on the way to training manoeuvers in one village and the mayor invites them to a dance. Toman meets here his long ago friend Boženka, who has taken a fancy to the mayor's son Jan. She would like, however, that her chosen one enter military service where they would make a real man out of him. Václav supports her efforts, and so Jan follows after the soldiers. Barracks life is difficult for him at first, but he soon gets used to it. He meets his schoolmate Olga at a party and she points out to him the peculiar behaviour of one man. With her and Václav's help Jan uncovers a spy ring. The young man returns to his native village a new man and his parents and Boženka joyfully welcome him. Accompanying him are also Olga and Václav, who have become engaged.

Version 1
Language: n/a
Sound: Sound film
Aspect: 1:1,19
Duration: n/a

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Base Acetate
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