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An African Builds His Home   [Other Title]

H├╝ttenbau in Afrika   [Other Title]
Produktionsjahr: 1948
Genre: Documentary Film
Drehort: n/a

Production company: Boulton-Hawker Films Ltd. (Hadleigh)
  Films of Africa Ltd. (Gatooma)
First released by: Boulton-Hawker Films Ltd. (Hadleigh)
Distributor: IWF (G├Âttingen)
Author: W. J. Pryke

Schlagw├Ârter: Shona, Bauwesen, Dach, Dachdecken, Grasdach, H├╝ttenbau, Kegeldachh├╝tte, Lehmverarbeitung, Ma├č, Messen, Rinde, Wohnen, Building trade, clay processing, measure, measuring
Building of a cylindrical dwelling with a conical roof among the Shona-tribe (South-Rhodesia): fetching dry grass and wood, marking of a circular ground plan, ramming in the wall poles, tying of roof poles with wetted bark-strips, plastering mud cement on the wall, covering the roof with grass. Family life in and in front of the hut.

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Dauer: 6 min

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