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Large Broadcasting Station in Liblice near Cesky Brod   [Assigned Title]

Velká rozhlasová stanice v Liblicích u Českého Brodu   [Assigned Title]
Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Year of origin: 1931
Genre: Documentary Film
Locations of shooting: Liblice u Českého Brodu:rozhlasová stanice, ext.,int.

Screenplay: Svoboda Jaromír (2)
Himself: Franke Emil
Production company: Favorit Film
Director of photography: Josef Rudolf Zika

Keywords: antény rozhlasové, automobil, gramofon, potah koňský, rozhlas, stanice rozhlasová, strojovna rozhlasu, věž anténní, vysílač, vysílání rozhlasové živé, antenna tower, automobile, broadcasting antennas, broadcasting company, broadcasting company's machine room, gramophone, live broadcasting, radio station, team of horses, transmitter
Documentary motion picture showing construction of a radio station with antenna power of 180 kilowatts in Liblice at Cesky Brod. A site for construction of road was chosen at a flat landed estate sufficiently supplied with power required. In the surroundings of the building, the grounding system of the station was created (i.e. more than 40 km of bronze wiring were laid into the ground and connected to the central channel under the antenna). All parts of the antenna were carefully tested. The inspection of the construction was carried out also by the Minister of Posts and Telegraphs Dr. Emil Frank. Assembling of the machinery and testing took 10 months. Electric power conducted through underground cables was supplied by Elektrarensky svaz stredolabsych okresu (Power Station Union of the Middle Labe Districts). The motion picture focuses in details primarily on the technical method of start up of the transmitter and machine room equipment. It warns of the danger related to the high voltage. It acquaints watchers with types of antennal towers painted with read and white coat for better orientation of the pilots. It shows live broadcasting as well as means of its control. The film is concluded with a view from the antenna tower to Cesky Brod, the radio station building and another tower.

Version 1
Language: n/a
Sound: Silent film
Aspect: 1:1,33, 1:1,37
Duration: n/a

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