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Filmurkunden von Deutschlands Eroberung der Luft   [Assigned Title]

Country of Origin: Germany
Year of origin: 1933
Genre: Reportage film
Locations of shooting: n/a

Production Company: Ufa (Universum Film AG)

Keywords: Berlin, Reichshauptstadt, Bodensee, Brestlitowsk, Echterdingen, Erster Weltkrieg, Friedrichshafen (Dt.Reich,1913,Wasserflugzeug), Ju 52 (Flugzeug), Kiew, Luftschiff, Militärflugzeug, Parseval-Luftschiff, Seestreitkräfte (Kriegsmarine)
Compilation of historic recordings from the period 1900 to 1933.
Airship No. 1 on the Lake and landing.
Prince George and Princess Mary of England, later King George V with the Prince of Wales as a child during his visit. (Prince of Wales, later Edward VIII).
Parseval Airship in the hall, with low rise and landing.
Zeppelin No. 3, destruction in Echterdingen. (on 04.08.1908)
Major Parseval, and the Prussian Minister of War (von Einem) at the accident site. The hull of the destroyed airship is salvaged. Airship No. 4 above Berlin during the wedding of Princess Viktoria Luise with the Prince Ernst August of Brunswick.
Parade on the street "Unter den Linden". Direction of Tsar Nicholas of Russia, Kaiser Wilhelm II. The airship during the parade above the Lustgarten.
Military. Practice field at Tegel. Landing of the airship in the presence of Emperor Wilhelm II and Empress Augusta with a large retinue. The Emperor welcomed the Count Zeppelin.
Zeppelin airship.
Airship above Freidrichshafen.
History of aviation.
Lilienthal's first flight-jump.
Flying in the first World War.
Navy flying boat, and submarine in cooperation. First airmail using a biplane on the Russian front between Brestlitowsk to Kiev. Invite the mailbags and unload.
Airship and Navy. Famous pilots of the 1st World War II.
Oswald Bölke: funeral march with great sadness. Manfred Richthofen in the circle of comrades, Kaiser Wilhelm II honors Richthofen. (Richthofens Death: 21.04.1918 after 80 air victories)
Direct transfer of the corpse and burial Richthofen on Invalidencemetery in Berlin in the presence Hindenburg, Chancellor and Reichswehr minister Gessler.
1933 arrival of the aviation minister Hermann Goering with a Ju 52 in Rome. Welcome by the Italian Air Marshal Balbo.
Speaker refers to the maintenance of aeronautical tradition in the "new Germany".

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