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Up There in the Mountains (A Czech Love Story)   [Assigned Title]

TAM NA HORÁCH (Česká láska)   [Assigned Title]
Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Year of origin: 1920
Genre: Feature Film
Locations of shooting: Valašsko, Karlovice, Slovensko

Director: Sidney M. Goldin
Screenplay: Sidney M. Goldin
Production company: AB
Director of photography: Karel Kopřiva
  Alfons Weber

Country girl Maruska is seduced by the frivolous artist Jaroslav Hanus. As an unmarried mother she becomes the disgrace of the village and her father, the wealthy farmer Vaclav, does not survive this shame. The villagers drive the girl out with her baby and nearly stone her to death. Maruska, wandering through the forest, is taken in by the huntsman Hora and his wife Terka. A passing impressario Karel Suda is captivated by Maruska's voice and he encourages her to start taking singing lessons. Maruska becomes an opera star, surrounded by admirers. One of them is Hanus who does not recognise her as the girl he once seduced and he asks her to marry him. Maruska rejects his offer at first but, in the end, she gives in. As a famous diva, in the company of her husband and child, she visits her native village once more. There she finds that her former love Tonik has married her sister Jarmila.

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Language: n/a
Sound: Silent film
Aspect: 1:1,33
Duration: n/a

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