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Fischia il sesso   [Original Title]

It’s Sex Whistling   [Title Translation]
Land: Italy
Produktionsjahr: 1971
Genre: Animation
Drehort: n/a

Production company: Corona Cinematografica
Director of photography: Giuliano D'Ignazio
Music: Sandro Brugnolini

Director: Pino Zac

Everyone knows that Italian men whistle as a sign of their admiration for a woman’s beauty. The film analyzes the reasons why the average Italian expresses his admiration toward the opposite sex in this way.

Version 1
Sprache: ita
Ton: Sound film
Bildformat: 1:1,37
Dauer: 11'

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Kopietyp: Positive
Filmmaterial: Acetate
Copyright Information Cineteca di Bologna
Lizenzinformation: Film kann lizensiert werden