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Song of Life (The Last Song)   [Assigned Title]

PÍSEŇ ŽIVOTA (Poslední píseň)   [Assigned Title]
Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Year of origin: 1924
Genre: Feature Film
Locations of shooting: Praha: most Legií, Praha: Staré Město, Řásnovka, Praha: Malá Strana, Kampa, Praha: Vltava

Director: Miroslav J. Krňanský
Screenplay: Sláva Kamilov
  Václav Wasserman
Production company: Orbisfilm
Director of photography: Otto Heller

Keywords: broughams, Cemeteries, clouds, dying man, Factories, fish on the floor, fishermen, gas lamps, graves, Horses, ill men, kittens, necklaces, nurslings, staircases, suicide by hanging, telephones, Trams
Hanicka is an abandoned child who is taken into the care of an old hackney driver. After his death Hanicka goes to live with the brother of her guardian and she works in a factory where the director, Mara, forces his favours upon her. One day the director tries to seduce her violently. When the girl fights back he labels her a thief. Hanicka is condemned and imprisoned. Later it emerges that, years before, a mad chamberlain abducted the daughter of land-owner Zaluzansky and placed her in a hackney carriage. The director Mara is shot and before he dies he admits to industrialist Silver that he had wronged Hanicka. Silver intends to makes things right but Hanicka has already served her time and, after she is released, she finds refuge in a gamekeeper's cottage near the Zaluzansky seat. Petr, Silver's son, pays a visit to his friend Zaluzansky and they both discover Hanicka in the gamekeeper's cottage who bears a remarkable resemblance to Zaluzansky's wife. All is explained and Hanicka returns to her father to live on the estate. She is now free to marry Petr. (According to the surviving part of the film).

Version 1
Language: n/a
Sound: Silent film
Aspect: 1:1,33
Duration: n/a

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