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Le formiche   [Original Title]

Ants   [Title Translation]
Land: Italy
Produktionsjahr: 1963
Genre: Documentary
Drehort: n/a

Director: Giuseppe Sebesta
Production company: Corona Cinematografica
Music: Sandro Brugnolini

Director of photography: Elio Gagliardo

A documentary showing the life of ant colony, similar to a highly organized city. Inside the ants build long tunnels, entrances and exits, rooms for the eggs and nursing newborns, and food storage space.

Version 1
Sprache: ita
Ton: Sound film
Bildformat: 1:1,37
Dauer: 10'

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Kopiel├Ąnge: 283 m Request Copy Button
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Kopietyp: Positive
Filmmaterial: Acetate
Copyright Information Cineteca di Bologna
Lizenzinformation: Film kann lizensiert werden