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Darbą lydi daina   [Original Title]

Work is followed by song   [Title Translation]
Nazione: Lithuania
Anno di produzione: 1954
Genere: documentary
Location: Šiauliai district, Meškuičiai, Moscow (Russia)

Production company: Lithuanian Film Studio

Director: L. Maculevičius
Director of photography: L.Tautrimas
  I. Besarabovas
  I. Michejevas

Parole chiave: agriculture, culture, žemės ūkis, kultūra
Essay on the "Red Flag" collective farm, in the town of Meskuiciai (district of Siauliai) and its people. Herd of cows, new farms under construction. Grain sown in the fields. Collective farm‘s team leader John Brašiškis. Smith Domas Baltulis horseshoes. Piggery Pranė Taujanskaitė looks after pigs. Calf producer Pranė Baltulienė weight calves. Collective farmer J. Baltulis carries earned grains from stock to his home. His wife, gardener Anele Baltulienė lays a baked cake on the table. Song and Dance Ensemble of Collective Farm, in which the chemist Ona Tamskytė, pig farm‘s head Ona Mikolkienė, schoolgirl Gražina Baltulytė take part. Ensemble clarinettist, 74-year-old pensioner Ignas Garnys. Ensemble's leader, teacher Ona Porveneckienė. Amateur players - family of Vilčiauskai. Celebration of harvesting in the collective farm. Completion wreath is given to the collective farm‘s chairman Antanas Gerdaitis. Chairman congratulates participants who gathered in celebration, amateur concert. In Vilnius 'Red Flag' collective farm‘s amateur artists take part in examination of collective farms amateur art groups. The ensemble will represent Lithuania by its socialist cultural accomplishments in the agricultural exhibition in Moscow. Agricultural exhibition‘s halls in Moscow. "Red Flag" collective farm‘s amateur artists walk around the exhibition, give concerts.

Version 1
Lingua: lit
Suono: Sound film
Mascherino: 1:1,37
Durata: 00:11:22

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