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World Heavyweight Championship from 1882 trough 1973 (4/6)   [Original Title]

Part IV 1930-1937   [Other Title]
Land: United States
Produksjonsår: 1973
Sjanger: Documentary Film
Innspillingssted: US

Production company: Columbia Pictures

nøkkelord: Boxen, Sport
Reel #4: Max Schmeling through Joe Louis (1930-1937).

Highlights of the most important boxfights from 1930 bis 1937:
1. Max Schmeling vs. Jack Sharkey (12.6.1930 in New York, Schmeling wins)
2. Jack Sharkey vs. Max Schmeling (21.6.1932 in New York, Sharkey wins)
3. Primo Carnera vs. Jack Sharkey (29.6.1933 in New York, Carnera wins)
4. Max Baer vs. Primo Carnera (14.6.1934 in New York, Baer wins)
5. Max Baer vs. James J. Braddock (13.6.1935 in Long Island, Braddock wins)
6. Joe Louis vs. James J. Braddock (22.6.1937 in Chicago, Louis wins)

Intertitles transfer explanations and facts, important scenes are replayed in slow motion.
Movie 4 of 6 of the series "The Winning and the Losing of the World Heavyweight Championship". (DG)

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Språk: n/a
Lyd: n/a
Visningsformat: 1:1,33
Varighet: 10 min

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