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Gente d'Arno   [Original Title]

People of the Arno   [Assigned Title]
Pays: Italy
Année de production: 1960
Genre: Documentary
Lieu de tournage: Marina di Pisa, fiume Arno (Toscana, Italia)

REGIA_C: Prati, Sergio
Production company: Corona Cinematografica

Images of fishermen at Marina di Pisa in Tuscany.
The sandpit workers dig at the sandbanks at the bottom of the river Arno, a truck driver for the building yard loads the sand, the caulker of old boats, the work of fishermen: dragging, angling and cast-net (a particular type of fishing of which the documentary shows a few moments). At sunset the sandpit workers return home.

Version 1
Langue: ita
Son: Sound film
Aspect: 1:1,37
Durée: 10 min

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