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Bau einer L.Z. Brücke (1941)   [Original Title]

Země: Germany
Rok: 1941
Žánr: Educational film
Exteriéry: n/a

Production Company: Heeresfilmstelle

Klíčová slova: 1941, Ballast, Bauarbeiten, Brücke, Deutsches Reich (DtR), Fluss, Krieg, leicht zerlegbare Brücke, Militär (Militärwesen; Reichswehr; Wehrmacht; Nationale Volksarmee/NVA; Bundeswehr), Panzer, Pioniere, Ponton, Pontonbrücke, Rollenlager, Trickaufnahmen, Verkehr, Verschubbahn, Vorbauschnabel, Winden, Windstrebe
This educational film was presumably produced in 1941 by the Heeresfilmstelle, a detachment of the German Army responible for creating motion pictures for the troops. The movie was supposed to teach the soldiers how to build a bridge that is easy to take apart. It works both with real and trick shots showing how the bridge was first assambled on land and then pushed onto the pontoons and fastened. In the end it is usable for traffic and tanks cross it.

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