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Polykarp's Winter Adventure   [Assigned Title]
Nazione: Czech Republic
Anno di produzione: 1917
Genere: Feature Film
Location: Praha: Hradčany, Mickiewiczova ulice (dříve Kounicova), Bílkova vila, Praha: Malá Strana, Petřín, Praha: Malá Strana, Klárov, Praha: Hradčany, ulice Na Baště sv. Tomáše, Praha: Hradčany, Chotkovy sady, Praha: Hradčany, Belvedér (Letohrádek královny Anny), Praha: Strahov, cvičiště Sandberk (dnes neexistující)

Director: Jan S. Kolár
Screenplay: Jan S. Kolár
Production company: Lucernafilm
Director of photography: Karel Degl

Parole chiave: children on a sledge, large clocks, man pulling a sledge, marching soldiers, Rooftops at Lesser Town (Prague), Skiing, sledges, Sledging, Snow, street clocks, Trams
Polykarp flirts with a girl on the tram and his hat flies off in the wind. He runs off after it and he meets Mimi. He walks with her through the snowy city streets. He arranges to meet her at three o'clock. After Mimi has left Polykarp, Jarda runs up to the girl, his fiancee, and persuades her to go tobogganing with him in the afternoon. Polykarp waits impatiently for Mimi. Her fiance sends him a letter of apology from her. The boys who bring the letter, urge Polykarp to take them tobogganing as well. Shots of skiers and tobogganers on Petrin hill. Polykarp goes down on the toboggan and meets the perfidious Mimi. Her fiance starts a fight with him and they roll down the hill together - and, in the end, Polykarp finds himself alone.

Version 1
Lingua: n/a
Suono: Silent film
Mascherino: 1:1,33
Durata: n/a

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