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GÖLGE   [Original Title]

Zukunft der Liebe   [Subtitle]
Nazione: Germany (West)
Anno di produzione: 1980
Genere: Documentary Film
Location: n/a

Director: Sofoklis Adamidis
  Sema Poyraz
Actor: Semra Uysal
  Yüksel Topcugürler
  Birgül Topcugürler
Production company: dffb/SFB

Gölge, a young Turkish woman, lives with her parents and younger sister in a cramped flat in Berlin. She dreams of an acting career and a boyfriend. Her father forbids both and she decides to leave home.

Version 1
Lingua: tur, deu
Suono: Sound film
Mascherino: 1:1,37
Durata: n/a

Lunghezza 1048 m Request Copy Button
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