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Bagnolo - Dorf zwischen schwarz und rot   [Original Title]

Country of Origin: Federal Republic of Germany
Year of origin: 1964
Genre: Reportage film
Locations of shooting: n/a

Producer: Bruno Zöckler

Production Company: Arpa-Film Bruno Zöckler
Commissioned by: Süddeutscher Rundfunk (SDR)
Director: Bruno Jori
Script: Bruno Jori
Text/Dialogues: Walter Schneider
Camera operator: Josef Riedl
Editing: Josef Riedl
Music: Hans Posegga
Voice: Robertz Michal
  Hans Müller-Trenck
Commentary: Horst Siebecke
Production manager: Bruno Zöckler

Keywords: 1961-1989 (Gesamtzeitraum; von Berliner Mauerbau bis Wiedervereinigung), Bagnolo (Italien), Begräbnis, Deutschland, Ermordung, Erster Weltkrieg, Faschismus, Frauenarbeit, Geiseln, Gesellschaft, Großgrundbesitzer, Italien, Italien, Katholizismus (römisch-katholisches Christentum, r.-katholische Kirche), Kirche, Kommunismus, Kooperative (Genossenschaft), Krieg, Milizsoldaten, Pächter, Partei/Organisation, Partisanen, Sozialismus, Sozialwesen (Fürsorge, Unterstützung, Versicherung), wirtschaftlicher Niedergang, Zweiter Weltkrieg
This documentary describes the problems of the inhabitants of Bagnolo, a small villiage in Northern Italy. Ninety percent of the population are farmers without their own land who cultivate leased fields but can hardly live on the emblements. In search of a solution for their problems they have turned into communists and are now trying to get out of their trouble together. In contrast to their efforts stand the actions of the local priest who tries to solve the existing problems his own way. Controversies between the church and the communists are therefore to be expected.

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