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MFI 218   [Original title]

Country of Origin: Hungary
Year of origin: 1928
Genre: Newsreel
Locations of shooting: n/a

Production Company: Magyar Filmiroda Rt.

HUNGARIAN NEWS 218. Released by the Hungarian Film Bureau Ltd., Budapest, I. Döbrentei utca 11.
Preparations for the Budapest International Fair.
{Images of the construction at the fair, sawing, hammering
The building of the Industrial Hall, the entrance of the fair being built}
Great acrobatic stunts of young soldiers from Budapest.
{Demonstration of young soldiers doing sports}
40.000 spectators enthusiastically celebrated the Hungarian national team which won over the Czechs by 2:0.
Minister Vass appeared at the match, and promised a victory to Count István Bethlen, walks into the changing room to encourage the players.
{József Vass at the entrance to the changing rooms
Tableau of the players}
The first goal was the result of a penalty.
{A ball in the net
Notabilities sitting at the edge of the field}
The second goal ensured the victory.
{Policeman behind the goal, the ball in the net}
The people of Budapest marched to the Italian embassy in large numbers to protest in favour of the friendship of Italy and Hungary and against the Trianon peace agreement.
{Procession of people with flags, Trianon black crosses
Crowd demonstrating outside the Embassy of Italy, politicians on the balcony, Italian diplomats, István Bethlen on the balcony}
"Evviva Italia!"
{Cheering crowd}
The End

Version 1
Language: n/a
Sound: Silent film
Aspect: n/a
Duration: n/a

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Copy Type Positive
Base Acetate
Copyright Information Hungarian National Film Archive, Budapest
License Information Film can be licensed