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The big apple   [Original Title]

Nazione: United States
Anno di produzione: 1937
Genere: Music clip
Location: n/a

Director: Walter Graham
Production company: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Director of photography: George Webber
Interpreter: The Arthur Murray "Shag" Dancers
  Douglas Leavitt
  Mary McCormick
  Walter Perner and his Orchestra

College days and only the Perry son is without a letter. His girlfriend has an idea though, let him introduce the dance THE BIG APPLE at the prom and he will surely get his letter. And so it happens. The center of the film is the long dance number at the prom.

Version 1
Lingua: n/a
Suono: Sound film
Mascherino: 1:1,33
Durata: 9 min

Lunghezza 94 m Request Copy Button
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