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As Needed   [Assigned Title]

Dle potřeby   [Assigned Title]
Pays: Czech Republic
Année de production: 1932
Genre: Documentary Film
Lieu de tournage: n/a

Production company: Propaga

Mot-clés: automobil kabriolet, automobil Praga Piccolo Luxus, logo Propagafilm, sekvence animovaná, animated sequence, cabriolet automobile, Praga Piccolo Luxus automobile, Propagafilm logo
The promotional film is partly animated. A painter's hand draws a lady standing by a car. The picture fades into the reality. There is a cabriolet parked outside a villa with a lady standing by. She reclines the car roof, gets in and departs. The camera shoots the Piccolo Luxus Cabriolet from all the angles.

Version 1
Langue: n/a
Son: Silent film
Aspect: 1:1,33
Durée: n/a

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Longueur 48.0 m Request Copy Button
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Matériau Acetate
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