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La Rotondo Vicenza - In Erinnerung an Prof. Lothar Kühne   [Original Title]

Lothar Kühne   [Alternative Title]
Země: German Democratic Republic
Rok: 1990
Žánr: Documentary Film
Exteriéry: n/a

Director: Roland Steiner
Production Company: DEFA
Director of Photography: Rainer Schulz
  Günther Ost
Music: G. Gorgow

This film describes a yearning for beauty and gentleness. The philosopher Lothar Kühne was especially concerned with how we live and build. He applied his own ideas about the traditional house to his Villa Rotonda in Vincenza, Italy, not grand but homely and marvellous. Here he developed his dream of the new house, a challenge to the concrete confines of urban living. In the film, La Rotonda is the motif of yearning which helps to explain Kühne`s rigorous dedication to change and to convey the mental and physical torment he felt in the face of the concrete jungle. In November 1985 Prof. Lothar Kühne sought solace in the sea. This film is an indictment of ignorance and stupidity, a plaa for sensitivity towards creative minds.

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