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Budulínek and the Bad Bird-Fancier   [Assigned Title]

Budulínek a zlý ptáčník   [Assigned Title]
Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Year of origin: 1950
Genre: animated
Locations of shooting: n/a

Director: Veselá Anna (2)
  Václav Zykmund
  Václav Zykmund
Screenplay: Veselá Anna (2)
  Václav Zykmund
Production company: Loutkový film Brno
Music: Jan Novák (1921-1984)
Director of photography: Bedřich Jurda

A fairy-tale about a boy Budulinek who cares for birds. They help him in return when a bad bird-fancier shuts him up in a pig-cote.

Version 1
Language: n/a
Sound: Sound film
Aspect: 1:1,37
Duration: n/a

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