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HORDUBALOVÉ   [Assigned Title]

Land: Czech Republic
Produksjonsår: 1937
Sjanger: Feature Film
Innspillingssted: Slovensko: Červená Skala, USA: New York, New York: socha Svobody, letecké dokumentární záběry, Podkarpatská Rus, Červená Skala, Šumiac pod Královou hoľou, Slovensko: Šumiac pod Královou hoľou

Director: Martin Frič
Screenplay: Karel Hašler
  Karel Čapek
Production company: Lloyd
Music: Miloš Smatek
Director of photography: Jaroslav Blažek

Juraj Hordubal returns after eight years from America, where he has made enough money for improvements on his farm. His daughter Hafie does not recognize him and even his wife Polana displays no visible joy at his return. Štěpán Manya has been a labourer on the farm for the whole of these years and people claim that he has become Polana's lover. Juraj refuses to listen to the accusations and believes that his wife's estrangement is only the result of the long period of loneliness. Nevertheless he fires Štěpán. Subsequently his wife shuts herself in the attic and stops taking an interest in the household. So that she will become conciliatory, Juraj brings Štěpán back after a while, but he publicly announces that he is Hafie's fiancé, which is not to the labourer's liking at all. In spite of everything Juraj stops by the notary's and in his will he bequeathes all his property to his wife. But on the way home he gets drenched and comes down with fever. In the morning the news spreads through the village that he has been killed. Suspicion is first to fall on Juraj's brother Michal, with whom Juraj has been feuding of late. Eventually the desperate Polana confesses in court that she and Štěpán killed her husband. As the doctor states, however, the severely ill Juraj was at that moment

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Språk: n/a
Lyd: Sound film
Visningsformat: 1:1,37
Varighet: n/a

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Filmbase Acetate
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