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Die ersten Schritte   [Original Title]

Country of Origin: Federal Republic of Germany
Year of origin: 1956
Genre: Reportage film
Locations of shooting: n/a

Producer: Otto Biedermann

Production Company: Jupiter-Filmproduktion GmbH, Hamburg
In co-operation with: Bundesministerium für Verteidigung
Director: Kurt Neher
Camera operator: Alexander Plagona
Editing: Karl Heinz Flack
Music: Marck Hendriks

Keywords: Ausbildung, BRD/Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bundeswehr, Nato, SPD, Westeuropäische Union (WEU)
Documentary about the composition of the German Federal Armed Forces. The education of the soldiers is described as well as their swearing-in ceremony.

images of the German Bundestag with the debate of the Paris Agreements, Speaker of various parties, Dr. Adenauer, Erich Ollenhauer, acceptance of the sovereignty of Germany on 27.02.1955 with 317:147 votes.

A film about the structure of the German Army, the Defense Minister Theodor Blank on 07.04.1955 appointment with the first officers on 12.11.1955, General Heusinger and Speidel in the Ministry of Defense. setting the beginning of the first volunteer 1956. Images of the outfitting, sports, basic education, new weapons, General Lägele, Blank, Lieutenant General Heusinger, the swearing-in ceremony of soldiers, End 1st act

The basic education in Wihelmshaven (with the German) Navy. Lieutenant Commander Reschke as a director, an American aircraft carrier in Bremerhaven with helicopters and weapons to equip the Bundeswehr, tanks are unloaded, the port operation, the arrival of new handguns in Andernach, Major Schumacher as director of the American troops introduction, different weapons are shown, radio equipment, pictures of their leisure in the Army, soldier's homes, training grounds, Colonel Philip as supervisors of Andernacher company, teaching at the sandpit, pioneers in the exercise with rubber dinghy, on a shooting range, habituation shooting, grenade launchers, antitank weapons.

filmreel 3:
On the German airfield in Landsberg, the flying training under the direction of American instruction, MAG 4 as school equipment, the new jet fighters, pictures of the training in the Navy, rowing service, the fast boat units, training, boats, chauffeur service and combat service, Dr. Adenauer's speech to the soldiers

4. act:
Pictures of NATO headquarter in Paris with the German staff, the Defense College in Paris, the French Marshal Juan as commander of the Europe Defense Community, Dr. Jägerr - CDU - and Fritz Erler - SPD - as a spectator at an exercise of the Armed Forces, images of the defense committee of the Federal Diet, with the final images Federal Law Gazette .

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