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Theobrominer in Berlin und Potsdam   [Original Title]

Theobrominer in Berlin and Potsdam   [Title Translation]
Country of Origin: Germany
Year of origin: 1936
Genre: n/a
Locations of shooting: n/a
The Theobrominer in Berlin and Potsdam

UT: Footage of Stollwerck's Men's Choir

Amateur footage taken by the confectionist Stollwerck showing the men's choir of his company during a concert tour between June 11 and 16, 1936, which lead them to Berlin, Potsdam and Leipzig. The members of the choir visit attractions of the respective cities. The film is divided by the following captions:

June 11, 1936 - The special train arrives at the Schlesische Bahnhof in Berlin.

Welcoming march played by the marching band of the 42nd SS standard.

A delegation of colleagues from the Berlin branch.

The Berlin Confectionary Singers.

Welcome address by the leader of the Berlin choir, Dr. Hohmann.

Microphone of Reichssender Berlin.

The Theobrominer perform the Rhenish singer-salute.

Welcome address by Prof. Schattschneider, speaking for the Berlin colleagues.

Off to accommodation.

June 12, 1936 - Driving through Berlin in 5 large buses. Arrival at the Ehrenmal Unter den Linden.

Visiting Tempelhof airport.

Lunch on the airport terrace. Peas and carrots, highly requested at first.

Out of vouchers, Max?

June 13, 1936 - Splendid weather. The finest day of our trip.

The UFA studios in Tempelhof.

4 movie stars and 150 men! Oh, dear!

The best ten-o-clock ever! Well done! Casino gardens of Terra Film Corporation.

Our host, managing director Stoppler! A true Cologne boy!


Wannsee Beach!

A 50 hp motoryacht? So what? That little outboard motorboat sure is good enough for my visitors, innit? Anyway, I'm having a ball!

Peacock's Island.

The Heilandskirche in Scarow.

Barge traffic between Hamburg and Berlin.

Wannsee! When will I see you again?

On historic ground. Kriegerdenkmal Potsdam.

The most solemn hour of the trip. As part of an organ concert our choir sang Schubert's Sanctus at the grave of the great king, the site of the proclamation of the Third Reich on March 21, 1933.

In Sanssouci Park.

Make way in the back!

Taking positions for a serenade in front of the New Palace.

The conductor, viewed from the side.

Damn, what a mistake! Good no one noticed!

That's the way we live, that's the way we live... Taking a coffee break on the Römerschanze with actual Berliners.

"It is an honour and a pleasure to travel with such comrades!"

See you next time!

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Language: n/a
Sound: Silent film
Aspect: n/a
Duration: 18 min

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