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Sentenzen über Mitbürger   [Original Title]

Country of Origin: Austria
Year of origin: 1987
Genre: Trickfilm
Locations of shooting: n/a

Director: Gerhard Hanebeck

"The well known author Thomas Bernhard is violently
attacked and rejected by those who object to his way
of presenting Austrian people and Austrian
conditions. Is he taken too literally? Shouldn't we
read his work in the same way many adults see a
cartoon? This means (compared with 'realistic films')
to accept a certain loss of reality and identification. In
this film Bernhard's personal conception of being an
'artist of exaggeration' is even carried further. Are the
cartoons a means to make the film 'acceptable'?"

>>Description according to Unica register > matching view on the film, but it is unclear which connection "Thomas Bernhard" has got to the film, because he is never mentioned in the film and on the packaging.
Therefore no guarantee that description actually intends to this specific film, or rather matches the content by chance.

Executive Summary:

Criticism of the system generally. Hanebeck caricatures at the beginning in a critical and cynical way, socially respected "executives". So for example the mayor, the archbishop and the fire marshal. The major preoccupations insist into giving medals and awards > manages it to award hierarchy, promoting meritocracy, status = importantly. Only in case of a catastrophe situation, like fire or bridge collapse, where they follow her "actual" activity; except the archbishop he always can award medals, nothing prevents him from it. His medals are the most popular ones.
Everyone, i.e: Commanding officers/population/envious person think, of her mother daily (showing male representation figures only, the "all" refers to them probably.) Well education is very important to society and indispensable. More wealthy
population vs. envious persons >: The second mentioned “let it burn" and “let bridges collapse”
“Everyone dies of bitterness by dreadful climate/architecture”
Driven by social compulsions/stylish slips/state of feeling of the persons affected to themselves.
Murderers fetch her victims. In turn murderers turn even victim.
Passed on ideas, over generations: "lies" and "feigned" > is "big mess" criticizes Hanebeck. (SB, 29.01.2015)

Version 1
Language: n/a
Sound: Sound film
Aspect: 1:1,33
Duration: 5 min

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