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Old Timers   [Original Title]

Pays: Switzerland
Year of origin: n/a
Genre: Amateur
Lieu de tournage: n/a
Mot-clés: Kurzfilm, Oldtimer, Spielfilm
In the countryside, a weekend driver sits in front of his convertible and eats chicken. An old timer drives up and a beautiful woman gets out of the car and sits in the grass. The chicken eater sees his chance to seduce the woman and invites her for wine and cigarette. Her husband is screwing the old-timer and casts envious glances to the connoisseurs. Then the strange man loads the woman into his convertible and drives away. The man left alone, screwing on the convertible, however, is surprised by his wife in the next scene, because she has brought a professional for the repair. He's not the loser of the story.

Version 1
Langue: n/a
Son: n/a
Aspect: 1:1,33
Durée: 4 min

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Type de copie Reversal positive
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