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Flights through the Senses   [Series Title]

Verarbeitung von gustatorischen Reizen   [Other Title]
Processing of Gustatory Stimuli   [Title Translation]
Flüge durch die Sinne   [Series Title]
Year of origin: 2001
Genre: Documentary Film
Locations of shooting: n/a

  Matthias Gauer, Henry Peuschel, Thomas Kramer, Georg Betz
Production company: IAS InterActive Systems, Gesellschaft für interaktive Medien mbH (Marburg)
Distributor: IWF (Göttingen)
First released by: IWF (Göttingen)
Author: Martin C. Hirsch

Keywords: Epiglottis, Epipharynx, Gehirn, Geschmackssinn, gustatorische Reize, Lingua, N. facialis, N. glossopharyngeus, N. vagus, Ncl. solitarius (Pars gustatoria), Ncl. ventralis posteromedialis thalami, Operculum frontoparietale, Tractus trigeminothalamicus dors., brain, epiglottis, epipharynx, facial nerve, glossopharyngeal nerve, gustarory stimulus, gustatory sense, lingua, Ncl. solitarius (Pars gustatoria), Ncl. ventralis posteromedialis thalami, operculum frontoparietale, sense of taste, Tractus trigeminothalamicus dors., vagus nerve
This clip shows the conduction and processing of gustatory stimuli. The gustatory impressions are transformed into nerve impulses by the sensory cells of the tongue and the pharynx. The impulses ascend to the brain in three different cranial nerves (vagus nerve, facial nerve, glossopharyngeal nerve). They reach the region of the cerebral cortex responsible for processing gustatory impulses over the gustatory nucleus in the brain stem and the diencephalon.

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Duration: 1 min 31 sec

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